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Blum’s Newest Addition – LEGRABOX

NESP Ltd are one of the leading UK distributors of Blum components so we are excited to welcome the LEGRABOX ‘Pure Box’ system into the product range. The range is now available to order.

Homeowners increasingly need savvy designs to help them achieve more without compromising on the look & LEGRABOX is a direct response to this need.

The crisp new design conceals an innovative new runner system that gives the drawer box increased stability for high door fronts & a smooth running action even when carrying a heavy load. It is compatible with Blumotion, Servo-Drive & Tip-On for smooth & easy operations without handles.

Solving storage problems is a great way to add value & leave your clients completely happy, leading to those all-important referrals. However, LEGRABOX isn’t the only option. Blum designs & manufactures a wide range of innovative lift, hinge, box & runner systems that are equipped with sophisticated technology. Continue reading for a brief overview of the complete Blum range available from stock.

Blum Product Range

Blum’s motion technologies make opening & closing furniture easier, these products include Blumotion, Servo-Drive & Tip-On.

The Blum Aventos lift systems bring freedom of movement to any wall cabinet. Products include Aventos HF, Aventos HK-XS & Aventos HS.

Blum has a hinge system for every application, taking into consideration the ease of installation, adjustment & of course, function.

Blum’s drawer box systems offer a wide range of design possibilities & meet the different design demands placed on furniture. TANDEMBOX & METABOX are two of the box sytems, with LEGRABOX being the most recent addition.

Blum has designed & manufactured practical inner dividing systems to complement their box systems. The ORGA-LINE inner dividing system for TANDEMBOX is perfect for high fronted pull-outs, whilst AMBIA-LINE for LEGRABOX carries the minimalist design of LEGRABOX through to interiors.

Bringing enhanced convenience to the home, Blum’s runner systems ensure that wooden drawers & pull-outs open & close with ease. The runner systems are MOVENTO, TANDEM & STANDARD.

If you have questions about any of the Blum products contact our sales team on or phone us on 0845 634 9700/ 01207 291960.

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