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Kitchen & Bathroom Trends of 2020 

Kitchens and bathrooms are the most remodeled rooms in a home but also two of the most expensive renovation projects. When done right they can add massive resale value to a home, so they need to look their best. 

Although the main motivation for renovating a kitchen or bathroom should be to make the space exactly what the homeowner wants as they’ll be living in the space.

When spending thousands on renovations, homeowners want a look that will stand the test of time. These trends don’t need to be followed by the letter but they can inspire and influence your designs to create a space that they’re happy with for years to come.

If your client is thinking of giving their kitchen or bathroom a little love in the new year and new decae, take some inspiration from these trends.

Small Spaces, Big Drama

Smaller bathrooms and toilets are having a moment. Gone are the days of using pale and interesting neutrals to try and make the space seem bigger. It’s time to lean into the small space and embrace bold colours, pattern and texture. 

Add an interesting tile backsplash, moody dark paint, or fancy wallpaper to create an unexpected and striking space in a small corner of a home.

In many ways, it’s easier to take risks in a smaller space. The cost of materials will be lower and you can make bold choices that won’t impact the overall look and feel of the bigger communal spaces.

Mix Metal Finishes

Brass finishes have been the metal of choice for the past few years. The warm metal works well at adding a luxe finish to a more basic bathroom suite. You don’t need a lot to make an impact. Small accents like a mirror frame can be enough to add subtle glamour to the room.

Mixed metals can give kitchens and bathrooms a fresh look for 2020. Warm polished nickel, brass, and gunmetal finishes can all work together in harmony adding warmth to a space.

From taps to basins and baskets to wallpaper, there are so many metallic products available to help you create the perfect cohesive finish for your client.

More Calming & Colourful Interiors

2020 could see a backlash against the trend of all white interiors with homeowners looking to make their homes more calming, welcoming and warm with bold colours and metallic finishes.

For kitchens, a softer colour palette is replacing stark white finishes. People spend so much time in the kitchen with the family, they want to create a bright, relaxing and soothing space.

In bathrooms, many clients will be asking for that spa-like feeling and want a soothing retreat to escape from the stresses of everyday life rather than a clean, clinical space.

Light greys and light blues are popular choices. You can achieve this look with our Vetreo Supermatt made to measure doors.

KBB Trends for a New Decade

Design inspiration, influences, and trends for kitchens and bathrooms can come from across the globe. Trends don’t need to be followed to the letter but they can help inform design decisions and create a space for clients that they’ll love for many years to come.

If you’re designing a kitchen or bathroom space for a client in 2020, consider these trends as a starting point.

When putting the space together, consider using our Vetreo range of made to measure doors that come in a range of on-trend colours and Mistral worktops that can be shaped and designed to fit any space perfectly.

Get in touch with our team to find out more about our Vetreo doors, Mistral worktops and more. Email or give us a ring on 0845 634 9700.

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