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Style Guide: Matt Kitchen Doors

When your customers make the commitment of renovating their kitchens, you know it will be a passion project for them. Kitchens (and bathrooms) are the most often renovated rooms in the home, and ones that people tend to care the most about.

Being able to offer your customers the perfect door to match the aesthetics of their dream kitchen will help to solidify their vision and remind them why your company was the right choice for their kitchen project.

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The Best and Worst Parts of Matt Kitchen Doors

The great thing about matt finishes is that they just do a better job overall of hiding things like fingerprints, scuffmarks, and other small signs of a lived-in space. The reason for this is due to the lack of light shining off the surface like you would see on a high-gloss finish.

Another benefit of matt finishing is the colours tend to appear much more consistent. Again, this is due to the lack of sheen and the affect lighting has against a high gloss finish.

On the other hand, some people still prefer high gloss to matt kitchen doors – it comes down to personal taste. Some people don’t like the muted look that a matt finish brings but they love the reflection of light that a high gloss finish gives.

Matt Kitchen Doors for Styling Modern, Classic, Rustic, and Every Kitchen in Between

The beautiful thing about matt kitchen doors is that they can complement any kitchen style and design. Whether your customer’s kitchen is super sleek and contemporary, or they’ve opted for something a bit more traditional, we have a door that will work for them. Below, we explore just a few of the moods and styles for today’s trending kitchen designs.

Setting the Mood with a Pop of Colour

While the all-white kitchen will forever be a staple in popular kitchen design, 2020 has already seen people add fun pops of colour to their décor. From bright, funky cabinets to a bold and daring kitchen door, this trend says I see your white worktops and raise you some flair. And we’ve got a colour wheel for our doors that can hold up.

Natural Looks

For those with more of a penchant for the earth tones and mother nature as inspiration while chopping onions, our made to measure Infinity range delivers matt doors with a wood effect.

Mix-and-Match Metals

While some might consider this blasphemy, 2020 is seeing people discard the ancient mantra that all the metal in the kitchen must match in exchange for a mix of brushed nickel taps complemented by brass kitchen knobs – or whatever else they may have dreamt up. With a doorknob that also flouts the rules, a matt kitchen door would settle right in this set up.

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